Google Update Means Panda is Always Watching

Watching Panda

Earlier this week Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm again either Friday the 15th, or by this upcoming Monday, March 18th. While the full scope of the update hasn’t been revealed (they never tell all the secrets of their ranking algorithm, anyway), Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that the Update will bring Panda to real time. This isContinue Reading

Let’s Go Organic! (With your Website Ranking)

As a company that focuses on Internet marketing and search engine optimization, or SEO, we’re sometimes hard-pressed to explain exactly what we do to those around us who are a little less internet-savvy. A conversation could go something like this:


Friend: So what exactly is SEO?

Future Ranking Tech:  Well we do keyword research for clients including a competitionContinue Reading

Social Media Platforms in Sixty Seconds: A Jungle of Shared Information

The amount of information that’s available on the Internet to essentially everybody is extraordinary and dangerously powerful. The increased use of social media platforms, search engines, virtual market places and blogs has created a new demand for online wizards and tech-savvy liaisons to use the plethora of websites and media tools to their fullest potential.  Because a plethora of knowledgeContinue Reading

Carbon Copy Product Descriptions Mean Duplicate Content

An ECommerce business is not a “get rich scheme,” it’s a process of building a brand and utilizing the correct SEO to promote products. Many people have to learn a new job market, and one of the best lessons you can learn is finding internal duplicate content on a website and rewriting it for a better ranking.

Many business ownersContinue Reading