6 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

As is the case with a lot of new media technology, many newer businesses are launching their social media presences along with their company, giving them a leg up on established competitors who still don’t see the point in “this Twitter thing.” The truth is, any company (if you think of an exception please leave it in the comments) can useContinue Reading

How to Create A “Superstar” Blog Post

There are thousands of blogs floating through the vast space of the internet. However, the best blogs are like cream, they float to the top. But how do we separate the “superstar” blog posts from the mediocre? Better yet, how do we create sensational blog posts that rise to the top of the internet food chain?

First, we need toContinue Reading

Carbon Copy Product Descriptions Mean Duplicate Content

An ECommerce business is not a “get rich scheme,” it’s a process of building a brand and utilizing the correct SEO to promote products. Many people have to learn a new job market, and one of the best lessons you can learn is finding internal duplicate content on a website and rewriting it for a better ranking.

Many business ownersContinue Reading

Image Optimization for Beginners

When the age old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ was spawned, the Internet was a far off thing – like time portals or living on Mars. These days having high definition photos on your website can make or break it. The bottom line is that blurry or pixilated website images make a site look like sloppy.

TheContinue Reading

The Perks of Googles Analytic Change

According to Google’s blog spot, Google has implemented yet another change, attempting to make for safer searches.  Now all of you who believe that Google really cares about your anonymity through searches raise your digital hand… Well, before your mind implodes trying to raise a digital hand I’ll just say they don’t.

The Perks of Googles Analytic Change to theContinue Reading