How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

As SEO specialists who have worked in the industry for many years, we’ve seen all sorts of different SEO tactics come and go. We’ve watched people use tactics to “game” search engines into ranking them—and as a result we’ve seen the search engines react with different qualifications, stricter algorithms and new ways to rank valid websites. If there’s one thingContinue Reading

5 Time Saving Tips to Start Social Media for Your Business

You know that some sort of social media presence is expected from most businesses, so you set up your Facebook page and your Twitter handle, but now what? When you’re just starting out it can be easy to feel lost in the News Feeds and the Twittersphere. Overwhelmed, many rookie social media marketers resort to using their business profiles muchContinue Reading

E-commerce: 3 Ways to Duplicate Content Without Knowing It

There are many choices beyond keywords that can either help or hurt your website’s search engine results. Unfortunately, you may not even realize that you’re doing some of the most damaging things to your search engine ranking just by uploading products to your e-commerce website.

Google Update Means Panda is Always Watching

Watching Panda

Earlier this week Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm again either Friday the 15th, or by this upcoming Monday, March 18th. While the full scope of the update hasn’t been revealed (they never tell all the secrets of their ranking algorithm, anyway), Google’s Matt Cutts revealed that the Update will bring Panda to real time. This isContinue Reading

5 Common Sense Ways to get More Twitter Followers

If you’re on Twitter you probably know that Twitter is about relationships. Following people who are interesting to you and your brand are keys to getting a targeted following, but what if you don’t have enough of them? Common social media advice points out that it’s not the number of Twitter followers that your brand has, but the quality ofContinue Reading