5 Common Sense Ways to get More Twitter Followers

If you’re on Twitter you probably know that Twitter is about relationships. Following people who are interesting to you and your brand are keys to getting a targeted following, but what if you don’t have enough of them? Common social media advice points out that it’s not the number of Twitter followers that your brand has, but the quality ofContinue Reading

Let’s Go Organic! (With your Website Ranking)

As a company that focuses on Internet marketing and search engine optimization, or SEO, we’re sometimes hard-pressed to explain exactly what we do to those around us who are a little less internet-savvy. A conversation could go something like this:


Friend: So what exactly is SEO?

Future Ranking Tech:  Well we do keyword research for clients including a competitionContinue Reading

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

As is the case with a lot of new media technology, many newer businesses are launching their social media presences along with their company, giving them a leg up on established competitors who still don’t see the point in “this Twitter thing.” The truth is, any company (if you think of an exception please leave it in the comments) can useContinue Reading

Why your Brand Awareness is Important Before you Launch your Website

When launching a new online business the first question you should ask yourself is, “Am I passionate about this?” If the answer is yes, then the next question should be, “What is my brand awareness strategy?” Unfortunately, many first-time site launches fail because the business owners skip this crucial question and move on to getting their website ready. The truthContinue Reading

How to Create A “Superstar” Blog Post

There are thousands of blogs floating through the vast space of the internet. However, the best blogs are like cream, they float to the top. But how do we separate the “superstar” blog posts from the mediocre? Better yet, how do we create sensational blog posts that rise to the top of the internet food chain?

First, we need toContinue Reading