5 Time Saving Tips to Start Social Media for Your Business

You know that some sort of social media presence is expected from most businesses, so you set up your Facebook page and your Twitter handle, but now what? When you’re just starting out it can be easy to feel lost in the News Feeds and the Twittersphere. Overwhelmed, many rookie social media marketers resort to using their business profiles much like they would their personal accounts. Whether that means your posts are random, inconsistent or that you just waste time all day, none of your personal social media habits are going to help your business. Here are some quick tips to get started and keep your online marketing on track.

1. Turn Off your Phone

No seriously, turn off your phone. Or put it in another room. Just because social media is usually the distraction that keeps you from doing other work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus while doing it. Many people who think that social media takes too much time are just not doing it in a focused way.

SM Plan

2. Have A Plan

Like any marketing for your business, you should have a plan in place to help you meet your specific goals. Rather than just logging on and wasting time trying to decide what you’re doing, decide what you’re doing first, set tasks and get it done! What is the purpose of your social media efforts? Would you like more online awareness of your brand? Are you trying to create a business-to-business network? Do you want to use social networks to generate visits to your blog? Make sure that your plan is in line with these goals.

3. Set a Timer

This is a popular tip for managing social media and it’s definitely worth repeating. If you only leave yourself a limited amount of time to get your tasks done, you won’t have time to get stuck in the time suck that social media networks can be.  When your timer goes off, close the windows and get on with your day. Social media is about engagement, so it’s fine to designate times to check back and respond to messages or comments throughout the day, but it shouldn’t take over your day. This is also important in avoiding “social media burnout.” When you’re sick of the noise and just sharing because you have to it shows in what you post—if you’re not excited about it, why should anyone else be?

4. Be Consistent

If you really want to have an impact on social media networks, you have to be there regularly. Feeds move fast and it’s common knowledge that at least on Facebook your posts are only hitting a certain percentage of your followers anyway, so make sure you create ample opportunities for your posts to be seen.

SM Mobile

5. Mix it Up

This may seem like it’s in opposition to the last tip, but hear me out. In addition to being consistent, it’s important to have a personality on social media. Download apps for your networks so that if you have a great post to share you can do so on the go. This not only helps you get things done right away, but it leaves you more time to work on researching and producing focused content during your scheduled social media time. This tip also goes for the types of things you share. Share appropriate musings and other content that may not be directly business related to keep things interesting, just make sure that they fit within your brand voice.

Have any other great tips I missed or questions about doing your social media right? Leave them in the comments.

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