Tips on Creating Your Twitter Name

8 Tips to Creating Your Twitter Name

Although search engine optimization is key to higher search engine rankings, it is only one part of your social media strategic marketing plan.  The other part is engaging visitors and building relationships with them.
Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved from a purely social format to one in which people are looking for more—more information, more ideas, more products.  They are looking for “friends” that can make a real difference in their lives.  If you can offer what they are looking for—and that can be anything from top news stories to collecting rare coins—you are sure to attract visitors to your site and money to your coffers.

But how do you do that?
Your Twitter (and Other) Social Media Profile Name(s)

Selecting the perfect profile name is key to social media marketing.  This simple tool can encourage people to visit your site or it will subtly tell them to stay away.  Your Twitter name should reflect, and will decide, what kind of followers you will attract.   For that reason, you need to choose your Twitter name wisely.

Here are 8 tips to help you develop your unique Twitter name:

1. Company name.  Using your company name as your Twitter ID is the most obvious move, but it may not be the best idea.  If you hide behind your company name, your individual brand is lost.  If you leave the company, you will have to start from scratch to build your own reputation.
2. Descriptive Product/Service Company Name.  This works best if your company name does not identify your product.
3. Descriptive Name.  This is a name that describes what you do.  @problogger is probably the most well known, descriptive name on Twitter.
4. Geographic Name. Attaching your location to your Twitter name can be a great way to attract followers from a common geographic area.  They can search the area and find you easily.  However, limiting your name to a particular geographic area can hurt your growth should you decide to expand your business beyond that particular area.
5. Descriptive Personal Name. This associates your area of interest with your first or your last name.  @CoachDeb, for instance, is an established, credible business coach.  Using a descriptive personal name is a great choice if you personally maintain the business, as it allows you the freedom to share you personal thoughts and interests as well as industry news.
6. Personal Name. Using your personal name may be your best choice for building relationships on Twitter.  The intimacy of your personal name will encourage people to get to know you personally as well as to become aware of your product.
7. Interest Name. Creating your Twitter name around a particular interest—such as favorite sports team—is a great way to attract those with common interests.  This is particularly useful if you have a product or service that is geared toward that  interest.
8. Just for Fun. A clever name can become notorious on Twitter—which will translate into a huge amount of followers—if you associate it with your target market.

So choose your Twitter name wisely.  Your profits may depend upon it.

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